From Los Angeles comes the tale of a water polo coach who is alleged to have abused his position rather badly:

A water polo coach at a Southern California high school has been fired after administrators found a secret videotape of girls undressing in their locker room, officials say.

[T]he tape was apparently made with a video camera that had been hidden in an equipment cage next to the girls’ locker room and showed the students as they dressed, undressed and showered.

Bacchus is no prude, and must confess that upon purely aesthetic grounds there is much that could be said in favor of videotape of athletic young nymphettes cavorting merrily amidst the warm spray and profuse soap bubbles, languidly lathering each other and then slowly washing away…er, ahem. Where was I?

Oh, right. As I was saying, such an abuse of a position of trust is utterly reprehensible. The scoundrel should be soundly drubbed with a horsewhip and sent to the colonies for a term not less than seven years. Seriously, it’s a scummy thing to have done, and he’ll deserve at least some of the unpleasantness that comes with being a “child sex offender” (as the California judicial system will classify this offense) in a badly-run state prison.

Now, does anybody know anybody who works for the Huntington Beach police department who has access to the evidence room?