Bah, this has not been a great week for Bacchus to display his dubious interpersonal skills.

The latest anti-triumph: A very cool-looking Spanish-language blog called “La Petite Claudine” copied the doggerel from this post, and hot-linked the picture from the ErosBlog server. Normally that’s fine, but there was no link credit or back link, so Bacchus was mildly steamed.

Bacchus left a comment. In haste. Which is never a good idea. It was intended to be slightly rude. It was ruder than intended. And (perhaps with the added confusion of a language barrier) it was understood as being ruder still. Response was had. As the diplomats would say, there was a frank exchange.

It turns out there was supposed to be a link credit, but technical difficulties had raised their ugly heads. Oops.

Communication finally prevailed, apologies exchanged, and all is good with the world. But Bacchus remains a moron.