Well, or at least not so bad. That’s The Agitator’s take [title: Why Porn Is Good for America (Or, at Least, No So Bad)]on the way the porn explosion is affecting the United States:

But if you look at demographic and crime data since the rise of the Internet — when most people could for the first time access pornography at any time, from any place, completely anonymously — there’s little evidence at all that it’s having any widespread negative effects in any of the areas people like Bozell and Shapiro worry about. In fact, trends in just about every concievable area are moving in directions you’d think Bozell and Shapiro would favor, desptie the widespread availability or pornography. Hell, given that most of the bad stuff seemed to peak just as the Internet took off before trending downward, you could arguably make the case that porn is helping matters a bit, by giving the sexually frustrated a harmless outlet to relieve sexual tension (how’s that for a euphamism?)

I tried to think of all the areas in which someone like Bozell might conclude pornography is having negative effects, and looked to see what the trends in those areas have looked like since the early-to-mid 1990s, the onset of the Internet age. Perhaps I’ve overlooked something, but my guess is that just about any other category you could come up with would point in the same direction: Things are getting better, not worse. Despite Janet Jackson, Internet porn, and Desperate Housewives.

Thanks to Daze for the link.