Over at It’s Fun Being A Bastard, LoveableBastard talks about planting his seed:

Blowjobs are great. For me, they are a wonderful prelude before I start the main course. It dawned on me recently why it is that I rarely cum from a blowjob.

It has to do with planting my seed. I am wired not just to fuck and cum, I need to want to plant my seed.

And then I realized why some encounters are better for me than others. I can be with the most beautiful woman and, if there’s no connection, I don’t really get into things. To get that connection I must feel the need to possess and plant myself in her. To mark her with my cum. To plant my hot seed not in the sense of making babies. To plant my seed as an animal staking my territory. To claim that which is mine. To be with a woman who makes me want to possess her.

Now I know why I want the women I want – because being with them makes me want to do more than just rub my cock in them or against them and spurt with an orgasm. I want to plant my seed.