When I posted about the life sized statue of Britney Spears kneeling nude on a bearskin rug and giving birth (hey, aren’t those furs hard to clean?) there was some complaint about the lack of a rear view. With all due respect for pregnancy fetishists, I myself (on grounds of aesthetics) thought it was just as well that no rear view was available.

Well, it never pays to underestimate the power of the internet. Gawker has the unflattering angle you were all looking for. Thanks (I think) to Chris for emailing the link.

2013 update: A commenter points out that Gawker is no longer serving the image in question. Since we’re now buried deep in the archives where nobody will see this who is not looking for it (I hope) I’ll reproduce the photo (thank you, Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine!) that Gawker can’t be bothered to serve any more:

rear view of statue of Britney Spears giving birth

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