So I was going about my bloggy business the other day, in hot pursuit of art that caters to one of those weirdo kinks that I happen to have. This kink is sufficiently strange that I was obliged to deploy a Wonderflonium-driven polyglot search technique (the more direct approaches having yielded meagre and disappointing results), and among other things it turned up a Chinese-language business-news article illustrated with this:

selling shower gel nude in a chinese shopping mall

Whoa! What is going on here?

shower gel sales naked

Now basically I’m just not good at Chinese at all, having learned what very little I know rather late in life (curse our Eurocentric education system!), but Google translate (always an iffy proposition, to be sure) suggests that what is going on here is a sales demonstration for shower gel taking place in a shopping mall in China.

Like anyone with experience in the more cutthroat parts of the business world I’ve always had admiration for those who will go the extra mile to make the sale, but this really does top all. I also appreciate how these women get the would-be customers involved in the pitch:

naked shop ladies selling soap in a chinese mall

You know, I hate malls for the most part. But some genius has obviously contrived a way to make me hate them a whole lot less.

Also, is it just me, or does the presence of the pixelation and censor-bars make this whole scene seem louche in a way it just wouldn’t if they had been absent?

And as for the mad science search that brought me to this fine example of business journalism? Well, as it turns out, I also found what I was actually looking for. Win!

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