Now this is mommy blogging I can get behind:

How Great Sex Made Me A Good Mom

That’s the name of the blog, not a post title. My favorite moment in a fast pass down the first page: asking the teenage son, as surreptitiously as possible (not very), how to find the cable channel with the good fucking music:

One night when we tired as usual but quite desperate to be each other’s arms I just really needed romance with the sex. I couldn’t take one more minute of quiet humping in the dark! I knew that I had seen some station that played many music videos in a row with Marmar. I tried to find it on demand with no luck. All the ones I saw were one video at a time. So I had to actually get up and put a robe on to ask him, just oh so casually, like I wanted to educate myself about R&B video on a random tuesday night at 10:55PM, “Honey what was that station that had the videos?”

“music choice”

“No not that one. The one with many playing a row.”

“BET Midnight Love….Where did you hide the Oreos?” Him yelling.

“Don’t wake up the boys. Behind the soup. …THANKS…” me half yelling down the stairs.

And that’s how we started having sex to the light and sounds of Midnight Love on BET on demand.