Every now and then, somebody comes up with a novel way to use the internet that really impresses me. The “virtual sex therapy clinic” concept from the Between Us Clinic is just such an innovation.

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You can’t be a sex blogger for as long as I have been without learning a certain cynical turn of mind. When it comes to products and services aimed at male sexual performance, most of the pitches I’ve seen have consisted of marketing that preys on male fears of inadequacy while flogging products whose utility ranges from “dubious” all the way down to “ridiculous bullshit”. (Remember this cheesy asshole?) I do my best to avoid participating in fear-based marketing, so most of those pitches never appear on the pages of this blog.

What’s more, when it comes to premature ejaculation even the most superficial dip into Wikipedia for a literature review tells us that the only real treatment is sex therapy, which can teach “effective ejaculatory control to 90 percent of men.” Pills and sprays, if they work at all (which the ones you buy over the internet are not likely to do) tend to offer temporary relief at best, and are no substitute for teaching a man to have true control over his ejaculatory reflex, which is the goal of therapy.

Thus you can imagine my initial skepticism when the Between Us Clinic contacted me about their PE Program. The equation in my mind has long been “It’s an internet product for your dick issues? It’s a fraud!” Because if it’s not sex therapy, it’s no good, and how do you sell sex therapy over the internet?

Dr. Zuckerman and the Between Us Clinic say they have found a way. Zuckerman, who is a certified sex therapist and also (as my initial skeptical Googling soon revealed) a real-deal sex expert with a bunch of scientific publications who was being quoted in the Israeli press on sexual performance issues way back in 2005, claims to offer the same treatment experience a man or a couple would get by going to a sex therapist or a sex clinic, but in a comfortable online setting for a one-time cost of $99. If his online clinic really can provide the same treatment experience and positive outcome as traditional therapy, this is somewhat revolutionary. Not only is the notion of traditional sex therapy frightening and intimidating to a lot of people who aren’t comfortable with or even emotionally capable of having face-to-face conversations about their sexuality, but therapy is also so expensive as to be out of reach to all but the most “upper” of the upper middle classes. Hourly professional fees add up fast, and whose insurance is good enough to cover sex therapy?

As for me, I’m not qualified to evaluate sex therapy, online or otherwise. But according to the Between Us Clinic’s website, the PE Program online course treats single men and couples with a particularized personal plan of sexual exercises, adjusting the plan automatically based on their feedback. Depending on the adjustments, the program takes from one to three months to complete. According to the website:

This ‘back and forth’ process is what makes our online program unique. Aside from detailing how to accurately perform the exercises, we make sure to continuously monitor your progress and let you know what the next best step is. This provides the same treatment experience that going to a sex therapist or sex clinic would, but in a comfortable online setting.

Does it actually work? I dunno. I’m not in a position to say. But it’s a plausible and attractive approach, one that promises to leverage the power of the internet to do things the internet is good at: preserving your privacy, letting you grapple with an embarrassing topic from a comfortable online distance, and saving you money. I can recommend (at least) that the Between Us Clinic’s website is worth your time to peruse, if premature ejactulation is an issue of concern in your sexual relationships.

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