Abbi Rode writes about the best bum sex she’s ever had. After a false start or two, things start to click:

He lubes up my arse again with his fingers and then his cock and places the tip of it just at the opening. This is now perfect so that I can sort of edge myself down onto it and control it. With the head squeezed just in, I move over and back on it, so that I’m fucking his cock slowly more into me with each stroke.

Gently and gingerly at first but as it starts to feel good I go further getting more of it in. He is lightly holding my hips and leaving all of it to me. Soon it feels like it’s nearly all in and I feel so stretched and tight, I’m really enjoying it, so he starts to move with me, to fuck me a bit harder.

I ask him is it all in and as he says Not. Quite. Yet. He presses hard and shoves the last bit of his throbbing hard on into me. This hurts more than I was expecting but only for a sec and then it feels great to have his huge, pulsating dick in me and thrusting.

My cunt is throbbing and I need something at it. But what comes out of my mouth is: Oh god this is fucking good. And his voice is very different when he responds, yeah it really fucking is! And in it I can hear how elated he is, how much he is enjoying it. I need something at my cunt, I tell him and notably gleefully, he slips a hand around my waist and starts to circle my clit.

With my ass filled and my cunt being played with I am in overload. I push back on him and beg him to fuck me harder, it’s deep in my arse and it feels spectacular; amazingly tight yet sliding with apparent ease now.

The harder we fuck the more I want and with his fingers on my clit it isn’t long before I come. Shouting his name and genuinely fucking thrilled with how this has turned around.
My orgasm in turn brings on his and he says,’Aw fuck yes, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come, right, deep in your arse’. And he grabs my hips hard for the last final thrust. And I feel him empty himself inside me.

It really was delicious. Possibly the best bum sex I’ve ever had.

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