Some people like to window-shop. My mother — and I do hope she doesn’t spin too fast in her grave for having her memory invoked in a post about sex toys — purely loved window shopping. Whether she was planning to buy or not, she loved nothing more than walking up and down in a healthy shopping district and perusing all the glamorous window displays. In fact, she was a bit of an embarrassment to go shopping with, because she’d always put her hands on the glass. This earned her dirty looks from the shop girls, who knew they’d have to come out and wipe away the marks. Did she care? Not a whit!

Me? I’m not a window shopper. That’s a bit too twentieth-century for me. But I do like checking out the selection in online sex shops, such as the one at Winkxxx Adult Sex Toys. I get a frisson — perhaps not of excitement precisely, but at least of interest — every time I land at a new URL for an online toy store I have not visited before. What have they got? Are there sex toys I’ve never seen? New technologies? Clever new pleasure appliances? You might be surprised, but in my experience there’s always something worth my attention.

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I just did the math. I’ve been electronic “window” shopping online sex toy shops for a quarter-century now. It was, indeed, 1994 when I got my first real internet connection, one that was good enough (cable modem) to browse sex toy catalogs online freely. At that time I was getting paper catalogs from three different high-quality sex toy companies. But online? There were dozens! And they had… eye opening things. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Now, of course, a quarter of a century later, there are not just dozens of sex toy sites. There are hundreds. Thousands. Tens of thousands. But I have never lost my fascination with them. I love them all. I love looking through them.

Of course these days I am a lot harder to impress with novelty. Have I “seen it all”? Not quite. Though I have seen it most. But you know what? Some classics come and then they go away again. And here I am always left wondering: where do you buy that now? I have a long list of classic sex toys that I’m always on the lookout for new sources of, because the old sources don’t work any more.

Case in point: a good solid silicone puppy-tail butt plug for pet play. Wag it! These have been around for a couple of decades, although the early ones were sticky (not body-safe) jelly. But availability-wise, they come and go. People want them because puppy play never goes out of style, but I guess the sales volume isn’t quite high enough, because I must have seen six different styles of these come and go from as many different manufacturers, over the years. It’s become one of the things I always look for at a new-to-me sex toy retailer. And look who has them!

silicone buttplug with puppy tails

And that’s why I never get tired of online window shopping for sex toys.

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