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December 18th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Tom Of Finland: The Music Video

Recently the Tom Of Finland Foundation teamed up with DJ Hell to make a music video where the visuals are Tom Of Finland artworks, animated minimally but effectively by animator Xaver Xylophon:

Unicorn Booty has more details.

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November 11th, 2006 -- by Bacchus

Tom Of Finland Illustration

Found this classic Tom Of Finland illustration over here at BJ’s Gay Porno-Crazed Ramblings:

tom of finland gay porn illustration

But what caught my eye, and made me smile, is that if you look very very closely at the illustration, you can see that the fellow on top has already lost the rowel from his right spur. Doesn’t it make you wonder where he left it?

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July 11th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Use A Rubber

Who says to use it? One of Tom of Finland’s boys:

use a rubber condom prophylactic

From a German magazine that BJ recently sold on eBay for almost nothing.

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March 11th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Kake’s Cock


Today I learned that Extreme Restraints, working in cooperation with the Tom Of Finland Foundation, has released a commemorative edition of Kake’s cock (pictured above in Kake 1). As you would expect, it’s a big ‘un:

big rubber Kake's cock

All is explained, so:

Tom of Finland Kake Cock 12 Inch Silicone Dildo

Behold the enormous work of art that is Kake’s Cock, designed off of the well-hung and lusted-after cock of Tom of Finland’s most featured characters! The dark haired and hyper masculine Kake is a recurrent hero in Tom of Finland stories, touring the world on his motorcycle to spread and bed as many men as he can, and share his beautiful cock with them all. Now, his cock can be yours!

As a special gift, each Tom of Finland Pleasure Tool also includes its own collectible art card by Tom of Finland. This piece also comes with an exclusive dog tag! A portion of proceeds benefit the Tom of Finland Foundation, dedicated to protecting, preserving, and promoting erotic art.

Measurements: 13 inches in total length, 12 inches insertable, 2.5 inches in diameter
Material: Silicone
Color: Grey
Note: Comes packaged in a clear, branded display case. Tom of Finland poster and dog tag included.

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June 5th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

And Then The Gay Orgy Broke Out


Vinnie Tesla asks:

Does anyone else look at this and immediately think “Tom of Finland?”

Yes, Vinnie. The answer is yes. You are not alone. “Hey sailor, is that a nightstick on your belt, or are you just happy to see us?”

As a hedge against the not-sure-how-likely eventual day when this post might still be here but an old Twitter link might be broken, the artwork is by Frank Godwin and Vinnie found it here.

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November 4th, 2013 -- by Bacchus

Hunky Lifeguard, 1905

Here’s a hunk of a lifeguard for y’all to perv on:

lifeguard 1905

According to the caption at Shorpy, this is from about 1905 and shows a life guard at Brighton Beach, New York. As Shorpy puts it, “he looks like someone who knows the ropes.” Indeed. Indeed, he does. In fact, I’d go a step further, and say he looks like a Tom of Finland character brought to life.

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August 10th, 2013 -- by Bacchus

Spanking The Mail Man

He bent a “do not bend” postal item, now he’s paying the price at the rough hands of an outraged postal patron:


Artist is the inimitable Tom of Finland.

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