An article called “The Domme Next Door” — San Francisco local color the San Francisco Bay Guardian way!

Vivian lies stretched out on the table in sequined hot pants and matching pasties. At more than six feet in heels, the voluptuous Morgana towers over her in a simple black dress and fishnets, her hair pulled back lest it get caught in the flame. She lights the menacing-looking torch and expertly moves it over Vivian, swiftly tapping the cotton on her chest, stomach, and thighs. She lets a low blue flame linger on each spot for a moment before stamping it out with her bare hand. As she explains, it’s actually the alcohol that’s burning, not Vivian’s lovely skin. Morgana teases the submissive with the heat, dancing the flame over her body. When it does finally make contact with her skin, Vivian arches her back slightly, and small gasps escape from her parted lips. As Morgana concentrates on the flame and Vivian’s responses, her eyes reflect the warm light and gleam with a ferocious intensity. This is one of Morgana’s favorite forms of S-M play, and it shows.

‘It’s like a Tupperware party gone very, very bad,” Mistress Morgana says — and I, for one, am not inclined to argue!