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May 15th, 2024 -- by Bacchus

The Joy Of Nimble Fingers

May 14th, 2024 -- by Bacchus

A Glistening Frenzy Of Toplessness

This artwork by Barry Waldman was an interior illustration in the December 1958 issue of Real Men magazine, for the story “We Stalked The Ghost That Fed On Human Flesh!”

topless dancer in a 1950s pulp mens magazine

The caption narrates the topless dancing thusly: “As the sacrificial pig was lifted, a beautiful young woman… writhed in glistening frenzy!”

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May 13th, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Dalton Doesn’t Mind

May 12th, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Threesome With Two Nuns

I swear, back in the day people were a lot more invested in the whole idea of debauching nuns.

one man and two nuns having a threesome

two nuns having group sex with a man

This three-way with two nuns is from Rodox Special Selection #10.

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May 10th, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Number One, Again

It matters a whole lot less than it used to, because who searches for “sex blog” in 2024? But a long time ago, being at the top of Google for that phrase brought in enough traffic to fund my rather-less-modest-than-it-has-subsequently-become lifestyle. Affiliate money was easy money, search traffic was king, and top search results for popular phrases were a guarantee of traffic and income.

It’s been more than fifteen years since any of those things were true. Moreover, for most of the last two decades, Google search has prioritized lifestyle columnists and sexual wellness/health sites (which is to say, people selling sex toys in a soft-pitch deniable way) in sex blog searches over any of the sex blogs like mine (or Girl On The Net’s, for example) that publish actual content intended to arouse. You know, porn.

That’s why I don’t much care any more if ErosBlog ranks well in a pornocalypse search engine. It doesn’t matter financially the way it did in, say, 2003. Nor is it any longer much of a competitive feel-good prize, now that sex blogging has outlasted its cultural moment. The only sex bloggers left are stubborn diehards like me. Why we still do it is a complex question with diverse complex answers, but “for bragging rights with each other about our Google search placement” isn’t even close to being on the list.

All of which is to say that that I haven’t seen a sight like this in a very long time:

erosblog at the stop of the search engine results for sex blog

I know what changed, too. A 22-year-old site is guaranteed to have a lot of technical debt, especially when operated by a tech-numbskull like myself. I freely confess dragging my feet for way too long about upgrading to secure browsing. For a long time, certificates were expensive and fixing big volumes of legacy content was a complex problem. Then, eventually, certificates became free (although still dangerously centralized) and WordPress plugins solved most of the legacy-content problems (old posts prone to breakage). But the biggest problem with technical debt is never the technology, it’s always the stubborn old butthead in charge of the site who balks at the necessary investment to fix it. Especially when the investment is mostly his own time and energy. It’s me. I’m the butthead.

Google has, of course, been downgrading insecure sites in the search results for years. See above for why I didn’t care very much. Over time, browser software, including Google’s, has also gotten more aggressive about warning surfers to stay away from insecure sites, with frighteners like scary colors, harsh symbols, and stern warnings.

A few days ago, I finally got my https:// shit together here on ErosBlog. Sure enough, traffic is up about 40% (albeit from a low base). Moreover, as the above screenshot reflects, I’ve got my #1 search position back for “sex blog”. Should have done it years ago, of course. But at least it’s done now. Onward!

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May 9th, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Nude In The Photo Booth

For as long as the coin-operated photo booth has existed, there have been young men and women taking foolish risks to get salacious photographs of themselves:

vintage cartoon of a fully nude young woman taking a selfie in an old-fashioned coin-operated public photo booth

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May 8th, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Scenic Blowjob

What better way to spend a golden summer evening than a drive out into the countryside with the top down, followed by a blowjob as the sun starts to set?

open air summer evening blowjob

From Frivol #83.

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