From Japan we have a discussion of the three most popular types of dirty comic books for women:

And most of the women’s carnal needs that extend beyond the bounds of regular publication respectability are being sated by what are referred to as Ladies Comics, or redikomi, as they’re known in Japanese. Apparently, there’re three broad genre of redikomi.

“Firstly, you have your rape types. These aren’t like guys comics, where the woman is brutally violated. Usually they involve a story where a woman is caught up in some situation where somebody is virtually forced to rape her. Following that are the S&M stories. Again, they lack the violence of men’s S&M comics, and usually focus only on soft stuff, like blindfolding or binding the hands,” the editor in chief of “Love Experiences Special Deluxe,” a redikomi, tells Shukan Taishu. “Finally, you have the incest types. These are either loved or hated, but they often tell the story of a married woman falling for stepbrothers or brothers-in-law.”