Confession time: Bacchus has acted in a fashion not entirely neighborly.

One advantage of a new month is a new set of server logs, which are easy to peruse for anomalous activity. Investigation of a string of hits from an unfamiliar source, which shall remain unlinked, turned up a blog reference to the December story about boob scarves in Japan. However, the link credit was given to the original link source and the only reference to ErosBlog was the silent hot-linking of the image off the ErosBlog server.

That’s just unfriendly; although any unprotected resource on the web is free game for linking, it seems fair that if you are going to burn somebody else’s bandwidth you ought to do them the courtesy of a link credit. Especially where, as here, it appears they discovered the story via ErosBlog.

So the image file has been renamed, and Erosblog rejiggered to point to the new file name. The file now bearing the original name is, um, slightly rude. (One supposes, anyway, that a close camera angle on double penetration is rude?)

Next time, drop a link credit, OK?