dangerous criminal without pantiesOne must hesitate before criticizing the laws, mores, and customs of other cultures.

OK, that was the requisite hesitation. Now we can get on with laughing at the authorities in Uganda, who are after the lovely lady shown here for the crime of, well, not wearing panties to the New Year celebration where that picture was taken. According to Uganda’s leading daily:

“We are considering charging her for indecent exposure. I will not let this lie. This was not sexual exploitation of an under-age girl,” an angry Inspector General of Police, Maj. Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala, said yesterday.

“From the picture, the girl is mature. This is a case of indecent exposure,” the Police chief said.

In an interview yesterday, Katumba Wamala vowed, “We shall take her on.”

You go, Inspector General Katumba Wamala. In civilized societies, this lady would get a prize, or at least a polite wave and a smile, for performing a little public beautification.