Scary what some people get up to. Here’s some Harry Potter fanfic regarding a naked Quidditch match. Excerpt:

“Oy. Okay, so we all know we’re playing starkers. Letting it all hang out. Exposing our bits. Flaunting our glory… just to ensure we put those Slytherin gits to shame, anyone needing an ‘enhancement’ potion should let us know before the game. Well before the game. You’ll need a night’s rest and some practice to get used to the new balls, if you know what we’re meaning.

Also, Forge and I have gotten our hands on a small quantity of woad. Anyone care for the Pict-Quidd team? We think we’d all look dashing in blue. Especially Katie, Alicia and Angelina, eh ladies?”

There’s more. Ten long pages of more. Funny as hell.