Everybody has a different view of what makes a blog. And there’s no right or wrong to find amidst the differing views. But lately, it’s been frustrating to find quality sex-related blog-like sites that don’t seem to link to any other blogs. To the extent that blogging is a community, it works by letting the traffic flow from site to site via blogrolls and the like. Bacchus finds it rude to to the guests to send them to blog-like sites that don’t link out to anywhere, because that’s like sending them down a long hallway to a room with no exits. It doesn’t matter how spiffy the stuff in the room is, they still have nowhere to go when they are done.

Unfortunately, that’s meant ignoring a lot of quality sex sites, especially the old-fashioned journalists and diarists who frequently don’t seem to have gotten on board with linking around to share their traffic.

So now there’s a “Sex Not-Blogs” link category at left. If your site is in it, and you feel like a blog, please don’t take offense. It’s a compliment, honest, because it means the management here thinks your site is pretty awesome even though you don’t link out to anyone on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.

To be emphatically clear, this has nothing to do with whether or not a site links back to ErosBlog. Lots of folks on the blogroll don’t link back here, and that’s obviously fine (well, mostly fine, drat them all!) or they wouldn’t be there. But link somewhere, or be forever a cul de sac.