Well, not really. But the headline is almost as much fun as the AOL Kills Puppies business below.

Anyway, if you read the Volokh Conspiracy, you will find that the conspirators are having fun discussing the way CBS fudged the numbers on some web pages connected with their recent “Guns in America” show. CBS defined “Kids” and “Juveniles” as including people up to age 24, which they apparently did so that their scare statistics about child firearms deaths could be hugely inflated. (Memo to CBS: Drug dealers — or anyone else — between the ages of 18 and 24 are not kids.) An astute reader then pointed out that Monica was only 23 when she and Bill got down and dirty in the oval office. The result? If you are inclined to believe what CBS reports about guns in America, then you should also believe that Clinton was a child molester.