The Cosmic Babe at Note of The Day pretty much has the final word on marriage, whether gay, straight, poly, line, clan, or none-of-the-above:

[M]y commitment to another, to my primary love, does not require society’s stamp of approval or any kind of legally binding tie. We determine the rules and boundaries and responsibilities and privileges of our relationship; we don’t allow society or legislators to do it. I made sacred ritual vows to Geoffrey, promised before the gods I worship, under the setting sun of the equinox atop a volcano, witnessed by dear friends and my children. If that’s not good enough, no piece of paper with a state seal on it will be.

Me, I just want to know if any virgins got chucked in the volcano as part of this ritual. I sure hope not, it’s a waste of perfectly good virgins and I can think of much better uses for ’em.