Here’s a huge page of links to tickling stories. [Er, it was here; now it’s gone.] Stories with scenes like this, from Sonja’s Tickle Torture:

Jake chuckled and began to dig in just beneath her toes. Sonja’s eyes opened wide and she screamed with laughter as her poor toes wiggled frantically trying to escape his tickling touch. She just couldn’t stand much more.

” Mercy!!!” She shouted!! “Please ahahahahah have mercy on meeeee!!” Sonja screamed.

A small hole had formed in the nylon fabric just below the struggling ticklish toes of her right foot, and taking advantage of that fact Jake made the hole a little bigger and snaked a finger into it and begun to scratch the sole of her foot.

Sonja went nuts, she squealed and squirmed and bit her lower lip and clasped and unclasped her tightly bound hands, she screwed her eyes shut and laughed and laughed. It was sheer torture for her.

I’m always amused by big collections of highly specialized fetish fiction. The writing is often horrid, but the enthusiasm is always enjoyable.