Jay over at Makeout City (remember, “all you need are kisses to start a makeout party”) weighs in on the marriage question:

I don’t like the idea of marriage much, why do we need the law to force us to be faithful and loving of each other for Quite Some Time. I’d rather just have a girl, who is my girl and I’m her boy. I’d swoon over her all day, make sure she’s happy and we’ll read books together. Every day I would write her a new sonnet, then I’d either read it to her in the morning to wake her up or I’d give it to her to read to herself while I fixed her breakfast – that way I could have the best moment ever, every day. I like the idea of knowing people are smiling because of you but not being able to see them, and when they are behind you it makes my neck tingle. yep.

Sounds nice. Although I might run out of sonnets and have to switch to dirty limericks.