Found another fun blog today. Jezebel can’t decide if she’s sweet or wicked. Perhaps it depends on the time of day. Right now she’s corrupting innocent Catholic youth, a noble pursuit.

However, if she keeps complaining about how many days it’s been since she had sex, at a time when that number is not in the triple digits, I’m going to have to track her down and give her a good brisk spanking. As she says herself:

As I’m not a three-eyed hunchback, it is not that difficult for me to initiate a sexual encounter with a member of the opposite sex. Seriously, folks, any girl over the age of 18 (age negotiable?) can have sex anytime they want to as there is always a man willing to stick their male member into a warm, wet hole. As long as you weigh under, oh, 325 lbs, don’t have too much facial hair, and can grunt at the appropriate times, it is quite easy for a woman to obtain sex.

Haven’t you ever heard the expression, “women get laid when we want to, men get laid when we let them”?