Since Jezebel got the ball rolling yesterday, I might as well give in and make this “Spanking Monday”. A new spanking blog to add to the blogroll: The Collar Purple. Invidia over at Collar Purple has a birthday spanking coming up, and The Boss (her husband and dom) has a poll up soliciting input on which implements he should use. Right now “hand” is winning, but there’s quite a list of options. Vote early and often!

Meanwhile, SpankBoss over at Spanking Blog found this story about birthday spankings:

My birthday spanking this year was a grab bag affair. While some went for a conservative slap and tickle, a few tried to outdo all the others with their well-wishing whacks (some of my friends are very competitive). And, yes, a rosy handprint lingered the next day to remind me I was one year older and that I have the best friends!

And a good time was had by all.

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