Brand new blog. All of three posts up. One of them is this:

A woman probably in her mid thirties sat next to me on the bus today. She had blonde hair, body was that of someone’s mom. She probably has one or two kids. She had that look in her eyes like she needed something in her life, something to complete it. Ever meet a total stranger and feel some sort of chemistry? I sort of got that feeling from her. I should have at least struck some dumb conversation with her. What would I say? “Hey, are you busy later?” I don’t think so.

Think so. Think so. I’ve spent my life going “She wouldn’t want to talk to me” — and being lonely. Maybe she wouldn’t. Maybe she would. You never know. But I do know this: In the last six months I’ve “struck some dumb conversation” more times than probably in all my life previous. And it’s been fun.

So, I do think so.