Naomi Darvell at Clean Sheets wrote this roundup of sex blogs while I was away, and had some kind words for ErosBlog:

Bacchus is very much into pictures, ranging from the cute to the edgy. Although he focuses on the female body, he does it without the grating lasciviousness of, say, The Man Show. His is clearly a male point of view, but most of the time it feels friendly to this bi woman.

Naomi has picked up on a very deliberate philosophy of mine. I’ve always felt it should be possible to express my unabashed appreciation for the female form without that stinking aura of leering misogyny that’s found in, say, your average Maxim magazine. I want ErosBlog to always feel friendly to everyone. As Robert Heinlein said: “Sex should be friendly. Otherwise stick to mechanical toys; it’s more sanitary.”

Drat it, now I’m going to start worrying about that “most of the time it feels friendly” line. “Most of the time?” Where did I slip up?

Oh yes, and for the record I can’t stand to watch The Man Show. Why don’t they just expand that “Girls On Trampolines” segment that currently runs during the closing credits? I’d watch that for 22 minutes. Mmmm, oh my yes.