Lilith always makes me giggle when she describes the way she blows off steam with her female friends and vents about her complicated relationship life:

Last night, Nic and I got together after work for a drink over food at the Rose & Raindrop…. The general theme of the evening seemed to be “Boys are stupid; throw rocks at them!”

Unfortunately our male stupidity isn’t always so entertaining. Longtime readers of DeeGee Girl will remember BoyFriend (BF for short), and will have been jealous of the way she, and sometimes her friend CutePal, treated him like a prince — nay, like a sultan. This is the thanks she gets — a ridiculous and self- contradictory breakup speech of the “let’s just be friends” variety:

He said I was his best friend, that he was probably making a huge mistake and that I was the one that had his heart.

That he didn’t want to hurt me and his kids a year from now when he and I would break up.

That he didn’t want to get into another marriage.

That he could only handle the type of loose relationship we had this summer.

That he was doing all this for me — cause he didn’t want to hurt me.

That once in his life he was doing the right thing.

That he knew he would regret it.

Dumb ass.

Finally, and at the risk of making people queasy, I had my own moment of stupidity this weekend. I hurt The Nymph’s feelings by saying “if you come and visit” instead of “when you come and visit”. It wasn’t even a conscious thing – is it ever? – but it certainly wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever said. Fortunately I believe she forgave me. When she comes to visit, I’ll find a way to make it up to her.