Yes, crazy about sex. But you knew that. Here’s an anecdote from one of the anarchobabes that just had me scratching my head:

Anyway, the sister in-law thing … its Partner M’s sister and her husband. She accidentally found his stash of “penis pills” — that’s what she called them — and threw a bitch-fit about it. According to her, things had been getting pretty sad in the bedroom dept but then all of a sudden he becomes a new man. Regular sex, no problems getting it up and keeping it up — great stuff, right? She gets suspicious that there’s another woman and starts noseying around and finds his bottle of Viagra. As soon as hubby gets home she goes off on him, yelling about how nasty and sick he is and all kinds of mean shit. She said she thought he’d apologize.

But he didn’t. (Heh.) He said he was tired of wondering whether he’d be able to have sex with her and when he started reading about Viagra he thought it would work for him. So he went to the doctor and after some tests the doc gave him the Rx. He didn’t tell her because he was embarrassed about needing the pills — he just thought she’d be happy that they could do it again and told her to fuck herself if she didn’t like what he was doing to be able to fuck her himself. (What a great line!)

So, they’re barely talking now….

Maybe it’s because I’m a guy, but I just don’t get her negative reaction. It almost sounds like she is aggrieved that they are (er, were) having sex again.