Happy New Year!

I know, you’ve all said it so many times, it’s lost meaning. But for a change, I’m saying it with feeling, not to mention a silly grin on my face. The last few New Year’s Eve celebrations, I’ve said it but I haven’t really believed it. Life’s been comfortable, but when old year changed to new, there’s been nothing to suggest that the new years would hold any more promise than the old. This year’s different.

The Nymph called at (my) midnight, and our mutual wishes for a Happy New Year felt more like promises than like the usual vaguely hopeful admonition. Something to look forward to (and I don’t just mean her visit, as much as I am looking forward to it) makes this holiday a lot more fun.

She’s working tonight, but she’ll call again when she’s safely home. Meanwhile, I’ve got an open bottle of cheap bubbly to work on. And a good year to look forward to, by the grace of Aphrodite’s continued favor and with any luck at all.

I say again, Happy New Year!