Gentle Readers, I’ve been trying to play it cool, not pestering you with daily updates of “I love her and I miss her and she’s wonderful but she’s not here and if I have to wait another day I’m gonna explode!” All true, but it makes for boring prose unless you are a much better writer than I am.

But time marches on. She’s packing madly, and she’s going to be back (going to be back here with me!) in a week.

A week! It seems like forever.

I’m still: astounded; deeply honored; blessed; amazed; incredibly lucky; stunned…. You get the idea. It’s brave and incredible, what’s she’s doing for us, so that there can be an “us” without more long interminable months of being apart the way prudent boring people would probably handle this.

A week! Less than a week, I tell you!