Hormones out of control do some terrifying things. Case in point, from Smitten:

These hormones I’m taking have reduced me to being a girl who coos incessantly over puppies. Dreams about puppies. Wants to make puppies. Somehow, the more normal desire in a 27-year-old girl to make babies has taken a wrongful detour in my body and transformed itself into a desire to start a little puppy family.

Fortunately, Alex is also obsessed with dogs. We went over names for our future puppy this weekend the way other couples choose baby names.

Of course, we don’t actually live together. Nor do we have the time needed to devote to a puppy. Nor do we want the expense of a dog-walker. Nor are we going to get one for a while because it’s not practical. But, details. The Pill wants a puppy.

The other morning I pounced on him and energetically licked his face while he was sleeping. ‘Are you sure you’re ready for a puppy?! Are you sure?!!’ I yipped breathily, eagerly tapping my hind foot on the bed. Tap-tap, tap-tap-tap. ‘Do you need to be walked?’ he said sleepily, ‘Should I get your leash?’ ‘You’re so funny’ I said as I nudged my nose into his chest, arm, stomach, and made whimpering noises. Nudge-nudge, nudge-nudge-nudge. Lick-lick-slobber. Tap-tap-tap. ‘All right, that’s it!‘ he said and flipped me over.

Ah, doggies.

Of course, sometimes terrifying is also cute.