Quiver has been looking for a dominant fellow on Alt.com. Herewith some sample emails she has received, otherwise known as the “don’t do this” list:

be a slave to my 10 in. let me slay u with my huge blk. Cock
can you send me photos??

Lets see if you can follow directions, and send me a dirty pic of yourself.

Kindof like Forced Entry. Lets play

I am really turned on by that shit, can I have a go at it?

Reply you will not be sorry

Does your play involved any gun play? Ever tried that during a scene? Guns are better, but knives are good to, I’ve got a spyderco from work that I use for play too.

I want to use you.


Oh yeah, and gentlemen? “NEVER send a pic of you fisting someone…”

Words to live by.