This from Yahoo News is really unfortunate:

Man Pleads Guilty in Mistaken ‘Rape Fantasy’

A California man has pleaded guilty to residential burglary after he set up a meeting with a woman on a rape fantasy Internet chat page, but instead broke into a different woman’s apartment.

After he entered the wrong apartment, he hit and struggled with the 25-year-old woman inside, who told law enforcement officials she thought she was going to be killed.

The victim stopped the attack by yelling and attacking Howard’s testicles. Howard then asked for the name the victim used in the chat room and she responded by saying she had never visited a chat room and did not have a personal computer.

My first reaction: Daze is right; some people are too stupid to be fetishists.

My second reaction: There are still people out there, ones who have apartments and electricity, who don’t have personal computers?