Following yesterday’s link at Spanking Blog to an article in the India Times, I was entertained to discover this article on arranged marriages among Indian cricketeers:

They Like It Arranged!

There is more than just kudos awaiting the Indian cricket team when they return. Some have their new brides and others, like good ol’ Laxman, have their bride-to-be waiting for them. But guess what else these cricketers have in common. They belong to the arranged marriage club.

The trend began with Dravid, whose arranged marriage to Vijayta became the most talked about event last year. Shortly following was Murali Karthik, India’s newest left hand spinner, who married a pretty girl of his parents’ choice.

But the cricketing hero to recently hit the news for his nuptial plans is V V S Laxman. Betrothed to a Guntur girl, Shailaja, Laxman has just ended his term on the list of available young men. And by now, it comes as no surprise that his too is an arranged marriage.

“On one level I think it is a personal decision, but on another it is also an image thing,” says Prakash Malhotra, senior manager, public relations, at a leading PR agency. “After the scandals that many cricketers were embroiled in recently, they have wised up and want to maintain a clean image.

The next eligible bachelors on the team are Sehwag and Yuvraj. And in all likelihood these two will oblige their hugely popular moms. Yuvraj’s mom has already on record saying that her laadla will marry none other than a girl of her choice. As for Sehwag, his love for his ma has helped sell mobile phones so chances are, it will get him married too!