Hello, everyone! This is The Nymph with my very first post. I’ve been a little slow to get with the program but here goes nothing.

First of all, I’m not going to be posting a lot of pics or links – mainly because I don’t have a lot of either of those. My style is more of a talkative one. You can expect to read more about what’s going on with Bacchus and me. We have a lot of fun and I don’t mind sharing with friends, so come into our grove, pick out a comfy spot, and let me pour you a glass of wine before I get started.

It’s been six months since I moved in with him, and it’s only getting better. Can you believe he remembered our six month anniversary? That earned him BJ points like he never expected! Or did he? Doesn’t matter, he still earned them – and I’m happy to make sure he cashes them in. Yum!

Did I mention we have fun?

I honestly don’t understand the women who think giving a blow job to the man they love isn’t fun. I love it! Honestly, I do. It’s amazing getting that close and personal with his most erogenous parts and having him respond like he does. I love making him feel good in that special way. It’s a strange combination of power and submission when I have him in my mouth. The power to control his pleasure and submission I show by giving him that pleasure unselfishly. Mmmm it makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

I think that might be enough “sharing” for now…and before I embarrass Bacchus too much!