Here’s one of those silly stories that makes you marvel at human diversity:

Man burns porn magazines in midair

A Brit became so offended by the pornography magazines he had purchased that he tried to burn them to ashes on board a Braathens flight from Bergen to London.

David Mason told the court Tuesday that he lit several pages from his porn magazines on fire because he was offended by them.

According to Prosecutor Roger Booth, Mason first asked one of the stewardesses on board if he could burn some papers in the oven in the plane�s kitchen, a request that was turned down.

Shortly there after, two passengers reported that they smelt smoke in the cabin. Staff managed to locate the fire and extinguished it with water.

According to Booth, Mason became so offended by some of the pictures in one of the porn magazines he had with him on the plane that he had an immediate need to destroy them at that very moment.

Unfortunately, the journalist did not see fit to share with us the nature of the offending imagery.

Thanks to NSFW News for the link. (Have I mentioned lately how much I despise the “NSFW” meme?)