Quiver goes to the gym:

The other day I was at the gym, imagine that, and watching two young men in there. They are lovely and oh so young. I was on the machines and let my eyes wander over them as I worked out. Something about them set off my gaydar. One is in the navy and the other Iím not sure about, they are obviously good friends though and I see them at least 3 times a week together. They are perfect in the way of handsome young men in their prime at 20 or so. They are so close; one is white with that perfect face that is arresting in its lines and panes. The other is very light black with a sensual face and the most kissable lips Iíve ever seen. They meet every day and stretch before working out, this is eyecandy theater and Iím not the only one who notices. A few of us women grin when they show up but they only have eyes for each other and donít seem to notice.

They ran side by side on the treadmills today, I was on another machine behind them shamelessly watching. They ran with that light-footed grace I remember having once. They were like a pair of thoroughbred horses, matched in height and build going stride for stride for a many miles. When they stopped and stood talking quietly together one pulled up his shirt and wiped his face. The lovely abs displayed made my eyes lingerÖ.