Okay, so I may be further on the “Venus” side of the Mars-Venus continuum than I previously thought. I found the web site Sssh!, and oh, is it yummy! Here’s a small sample — I love having my hair washed by my lover(s):

Sexy Shampoo

For you astute readers who noticed, yes, the parenthetical “s” up there is intentional. I don’t know if I just needed to bitch loudly enough, or what, but I met another guy with lots of potential. Triad dreams? It’s too early for that, but [begin Beach Boys impersonation] Wouldn’t it be nice…. [end Beach Boys impersonation].

I was part of a F-M-F triad before — not a formal marriage or anything, just a roommate situation that heated up into something really fun, that lasted a couple of years — and it was great until it blew up. M-F-M sounds like even more fun for me, and I’m sure game, but it’s waaaay too early to bring it up with either of “The Contenders” (as I’ve taken to thinking of the two hotties I’ve recently discovered).

For now, I’ll just hum that Beach Boys tune and hope for the best, with either or both of them. :D