Motorcycles are so much fun … I love the lusty engine sounds (except for Harleys, which all sound like they badly need tuneups to me), the maneuverability, the kick of the wind in my hair as we scream down twisty country roads …

And now they’ve been improved! Vibe-Rider is a cool-sounding little gizmo that goes on the passenger seat, and hitches to the engine. When the engine revs, the Vibe-Rider speeds up … and, well, you can figure out the rest, I’m sure. :laugh:

Here’s one picture of a satisfied customer from the site:

Vibe Rider has another satisfied customer

I guess someone will need to invent an absorbent leather seat next, as terrycloth would destroy the bad-boy look of bikes. :hehe:

Discovered via Daze Reader.