So the Nymph and I are taking a shortcut through the Nevada desert, when we pass the gates of a huge mine complex. About a mile away we come upon a business at the side of the road. Large complex of ratty trailers, no obvious doorway or front entrance — and of course we are passing at 80 MPH so we don’t get a good look. But there’s a huge faded plywood billboard featuring two teddy bears hugging.

Squealed The Nymph: “Oooh! Teddy bears!”

Meanwhile I’m reading aloud the words on the sign: “The Affection Connection….”

The Nymph: “What kind of store is that, way out here?”

Me: “Rural Nevada where prostitution is legal, ratty trailers, hundreds of well-paid horny mine workers — Baby, I don’t think they are selling teddy bears.”

I swear, she didn’t stop blushing for at least sixty miles. I did offer to take us back and ask if they had a gift shop, but she wasn’t interested for some odd reason….