As I said in a comment to my entry yesterday, I decided to have some fun last night all by myself. I made a cake.

Not just any cake, though…a cake with a special shape…and I chose a different color for the marzipan icing than its usual color for this kind of cake. Instead of a flower decoration atop it, I chose a simpler one…Then I took a picture of my creation.

Next I Photoshopped the picture, in order to present to you: the Boob Cakes:

Boob Cake

The cake didn’t have the perfect look I got the first time I made this cake–but that time it was for one of my favorite lovers, as a birthday surprise. This time I wasn’t as inspired. Maybe next time I’m bored I’ll try creating a penis cake. But that would actually be too easy, with one of the recipes I have. If I did it right I could even suck some creamy white goodness out of it! :O