I’ve never quite “got” the whole social networking concept. Sounds like Philip from Hot Action (who is so back!) had the same problem, until it got explained to him:

I didn’t really understand how it works, this whole Friendster, MySpace phenomenon. My friend explained it thusly: “You put up a profile and then you write to cute chicks and say ‘You’re cute’ and then you get to bang them.”

That’s not how I usually operate. Anyway, I already waste enough time on the Internet. I’m too lazy to go looking through some website trying to find cute girls to pester.

Can’t I just put up a profile, I wondered, and sit back and let women contact me if they’re interested? Apparently so. But how does that work?

“You give them your email address, then they add you.”

I was confused. If a woman wants to bang me and she already has my email address, wouldn’t it make more sense to just send me an email saying, hi, I want to bang you, instead of going through all this rigamarole with MySpace and profiles and whatnot?

Well apparently the whole appeal of it is that it’s a network. So when you’re all through banging me, you can go on to bang all my hot friends.

Ah. I get it.