I’m still working out what I want to tell, and what’s best left locked away in my mind, from my recent escapades. Parts of the adventure were lots of fun (here’s a hint: some of my sexploration wishes have been fulfilled :D ), but other things were unexpected, and caused some tensions between R and me. Short form is, I think R and I have played out. But it was mostly good while it lasted, and it turned out to be very, very smart of me not to point him to this blog. That’s why the extended Aphrodite absence….I didn’t want any traces to here around for him to accidentally find.

Anyway, one of the places R and I went was on an awesome ski trip to the Great White North–Canada! It was highly amusing to find the image below tucked in my inbox when I got back:

Moose Girl?!

According to the sweet friend who sent me the pic, the hair designer calls this the “Moose Look”. I ain’t never seen no moose that looks anything like this before…but she does seem to have a nice rack (if you can find it under all the blue fluff ;) ).

Someone asked me for “sex predictions” for 2005….given my recent experiences, plus the ongoing crusading crap from the U.S.’s current “leaders”, it makes me queasy to even think about what might be coming down the pike. :( Uhh, how about we just scroll back up to look at the Moose Girl again instead?