Hey everybody, I’m pleased to announce that ErosBlog now has the oft-requested RSS feed. (If you don’t know what this is, or why you should care, don’t worry; let’s just say it’s a tool for hard-core blog readers so they can read more blogs faster.)

I’d been stalling on this because I had wrongly understood that I would have to hack some .cgi files to implement a feed in Greymatter. I now owe an enormous debt to Sunni Maravillosa, who Googled up a neat little easier way and then wrote it down for me in simple plain-English sentences of instruction. Sunni, thanks a million!

Although it validates, the feed’s not perfect for all purists, because it can only include the most recent two items (rather than the fifteen or so I’m told the RSS spec calls for). Also, I’ve deliberately chosen to restrict the feed to post titles plus a fifteen-word excerpt. I know there are lots of good reasons why readers prefer full-content feeds, but unfortunately that won’t work for an adult blog. The reason is, there are some bogus porn blogs out there that have zero original content. What they do is subscribe to some RSS feeds and slap posts from other adult blogs on a page that’s absolutely buried in aggressive advertising, complete with popup hells and autodownloads and such. In effect, they use our text to lure in search engine visitors, and then abuse them mercilessly. By limiting my feed, I can limit the effectiveness of that tactic.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled erotic programming.