Yup, the infamous Tucker Max, self-described asshole, is in love. And you can sort of see his point:

Then she got competitive, telling me she could beat me at Madden. Whatever; let’s bet. I proposed we bet oral sex–loser goes down on the winner. She quickly agreed. We started talking shit to each other over email, and she wrote what may be the single greatest paragraph ever written by a woman:

“I’m well aware that you are a legend. However, that doesn’t deter me from wiping the floor with you at Madden. I’m just that good. And if you do in fact beat me as you claim? Who cares, I’m still giving you head.”

Then we had this exchange:

Me: “You realize that I can’t lose to you now, don’t you? Nothing personal, I like you now and bet we are going to get along great, but there is no way I lose.”

Her: “I can talk the talk and can back it up as well. I’ve accepted the challenge and the fact that I’ll wreck you in Madden. And like I stated before, I’m still a gracious loser. Only I’ll be wearing a face full of your cum.”

Me: “This has to stop–you are turning me on now.”

Her: “I see nothing wrong with a good facial every now and then. I’ll alternate…swallow and facial. fair enough?”

Yeah…I think I am in love.

Unfortunately, she’s wasted on Tucker.