Ewwwww, that spider picture totally squicks me! Thus, as a public service to everyone similarly afflicted, I push it farther downscreen with something much more appealing:

Leather Chaps and a Bare Ass Behind Bars = Sexy Man!

Whew! I don’t know what I’d do first, spank or lick that luscious bottom.

What? That’s not to your taste? Okay, then, how about this?

The Lovely Sofia, from Domai.com

Sofia was found at the always-worth-a-visit Domai.com. The yummy man was found at naked-men.co.uk. (I’m not providing a link to them because when I tried to explore the site, it did an end-run around my popup-blocker and spawned multiple obnoxious ad windows. Looks like some nice stuff’s there, but they don’t need to be so pushy about selling it.)