From an exceptionally hot entry by Philip at Hot Action:

Your lipstick colour should function as an advertisement for the colour of your nipples. Whether it’s the sweetest pale pink or the deepest golden brown, let me know what I’m getting. Take your time to find the correct shade. It’s important. ….

Putting on lip gloss is a surrogate for holding your breast in one hand and my hard cock in the other as you squeeze hot slippery fluid out of my cock-head and rub it around on your nipple.

If you’re just sitting around at the bar, an even better plan would be to take your bottle of Astroglide out of your purse and squirt a little bit on your fingers.

Rub your fingers together. Then rub your fingers on your lips. Close the bottle and put it back in your purse. Wipe fingers on skirt. Look me in the eye. Smile.

This has never actually happened to me, which is probably a good thing because I think my cock would rip right through the front of my pants.

If we chix don’t take his advice, this is what could happen to us. sigh… Well, we can wish for it!