Here’s a page that lists 38 Arabic terms for the yoni, with poetic descriptions. I can’t speak to the linguistic accuracy of any of this, but it’s entertaining:

El neuffakh (the swelling one ) – So called because a torpid member coming near it, and rubbing its head against it a few times, at once swells and stands upright. To the woman who has such a one it procures excessive pleasure, for, at the moment of the crisis, it opens and shuts convulsively, like the vulva of a mare.

El moudd (the accomodating ) – This name is applied to the vagina of a woman who has felt for a long time an ardent wish for coition. In rapture with the member it sees, it is glad to second its movements of come and go; it offers the matrix to the member by pressing it forward within reach, which is, after all, the best gift it can offer. Whatever place inside of it the member wants to explore, this vulva will make him welcome to, gracefully according to its wish; there is no corner it will not help the member to reach.

From Chapter Nine of
The Perfumed Garden Of of the Shaykh Nefwazi.
At least we know that when old Nefwazi got to work, he paid close attention to conditions in his workspace….