I’ve linked to the Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository since the very first day ErosBlog went online. The sheer volume of free sex stories available there is mindboggling, and the diversity of subject matter is unlike any commercial text porn ever published. Last week, I noticed that the Kirsten Archives (one of the many collections hosted in the repository) featured ErosBlog as its “Momentary Link”. The traffic and recognition are appreciated, and so I’m returning the favor.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the Kirsten Archives stories, a little food fetish number called “Laura’s Banana“:

“Take your pants off,” Laura breathed. “Let me see your hard cock.”

With the two bananas sticking out of her snatch, Laura handed me a third, unpeeled this time.

“Stick it in me between the others.”

With one hand on my rock hard cock, I stuck the banana in with my other. Inch by inch, Laura’s cunt accepted it.

Laura was now calling for me to fuck her with it.

“Push it in farther; then pull it out, oh yes, that’s it, only harder.”