Chelsea Girl from Pretty Dumb Things has the tale of her first squirting experience, done in the style of a breathless young girl’s diary, complete with Hello Kitty graphics, colored ink, and stacked exclamation points:

dear diary,

i have something soooooooooo exciting to tell you!!!!

last night, when i & donny were together (& by together i mean doing it, and you know what i mean don’t you) i squirted!!!!

i know!!!!!

i can’t believe it either!!!!

It’s long and funny and well worth your time.

P.S. Anybody who posts “It’s just pee” (or sentiments of that ilk) in the comments will be rounded up in front of the audience and made to endure derisive shouts of “Virgin! Virgin!” We’re so not having that high school argument here. If you’ve been there, you know better. If you haven’t, please shut the hell up kay thanks.